Hose Pipe


Suction Hose Pipes also known as ‘Hard Suction Hoses’, are a semi-rigid hose pipe made from flexible PVC that encloses a rigid PVC helix. They operate under negative pressure that means a suction hose pipes draws water from a static (unpressurised) water source. This is called a ‘Drafting Operation’.

Exim circle provide  only the best quality Suction Hose Pipes that can withstand extreme situations. Its exterior being very rigid provides excellent strength to its overall makeup and the smooth interior guarantees effective suction.

Our products are tested and made user-friendly for the satisfaction and convenience of our customers.

Features and BenefitsBenefits:

  • It’s Non-corrosive, anti-rust, electrolytic, anti-clogging and hence ensures clean and safe water supply.
  • Long life
  • Easy to install or handle
  • Allows smooth water flow that reduces the expenses of electricity.
  • Light weight and easy to transport.


  • Ideal for Suction delivery for Monoblocks.
  • Domestic, agriculture and gardening water supply.
  • Filling sand from river into trucks used in construction.


  • No Harmful Chemicals – Our Pipes are 100% PHTHALATE free. These pipes are safe to use.
  • RoHS Compliant – RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance ensures that these PVC garden pipes are heavy metal-free.
  • Non-Carcinogenic – Our garden Hose Pipes are not made using any chemicals that result in cancer in humans.
  • Translucent – Translucent pipes discourage the growth of any algae or fungus, hence safe for use.
  • All-weather Pipes – All range of Pipes can withstand any degree of rise and drop in temperature without melting or getting stiff.
  • Can Withstand in Low and High Temperature – Our pipes range are made as per the European Union Standards and can withstand both high and low-temperature conditions
  • Flexibility – Garden Hose Pipes don’t damage, twist, tangle or crack if kept unused or used daily.


  • The Garden hose pipes are suited for carry heavy watering cans.
  • Garden hose pipes are commonly suited to transport the water for gardening, landscaping, lawn care and other purposes.
  • simple outdoor cleaning of items such as equipment, building exteriors, vehicles, and animals.
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